About The Courses

Couple learning Tai Chi online
You will have complete access to a wide range of courses that take you step by step through Tai Chi forms, Qigong exercises, and much much more.



The Benefits For You

The courses contain straightforward and easy to follow lessons with video and/or written content.
You can view them whenever you want, any time, any day, and watch them as often as you like.
• All the content is available to you as soon as you join so you proceed at whatever pace and in whatever way suits you.
• Help and guidance is only an email away - any questions, please just ask.

Woman practising Tai Chi

Online Tai Chi Training

Easily Accessible Anytime

Learning Tai Chi has never been easier. Your online courses are available 24 hours a day, every day.

You can practice around a routine that suits you. That can be every day, once a week or whenever you like. Support and advice are just an email away. In fact, often a member’s question results in additional video material being added to a course, so every student can benefit.

You will be delighted by the quantity and depth of the pre-recorded Tai Chi training courses that are available to you in the program.

Just to clarify, the pre-recorded courses are a complete Tai Chi training program in and of themselves.