You can have a Tai Chi program to help you maintain and improve your health, fitness, and wellbeing.

Life Is Better When You Tai Chi

Start learning the beautiful and ancient Chinese arts of Tai Chi and Qigong, their timeless ability to help and heal will aid you in maximising your physical and mental wellness.

Tai Chi combines relaxation training with gentle exercise and breathing techniques that are designed to invigorate you. Helping you with both health maintenance and recovery.

It’s sequences of slow, soft, and relaxing movements will relax and strengthen you. Centuries of experience, as well as modern science, have proven that Tai Chi improves balance and  co-ordination, improves peace of mind, aids with stress reduction, and can help you maintain a healthy body.

This is the only Tai Chi (and Qigong) program that you need. Have a complete Tai Chi training experience via pre-recorded courses and direct email access to your instructors.

Tai Chi student - Linda

“Fun, graceful, informative, calming but invigorating at the same time.”

“One can be healthy but have poor fitness ; or be very fit but unhealthy.” 

Dr. Philip Maffetone

A testimonial from Chris

Benefits from Tai Chi and Qigong

• Maintain and improve your health
• Achieve wellness
• Relieve stress
• Recover after injury or illness
• Aid focus and concentration
• Improve muscle tone and strength
• Enhance your flexibility and fitness
• Boost your memory function
• Help your ability to relax
• Increase your stamina
• Improved quality of breathing
• Maintain a positive attitude
• Control high blood pressure
• Keep you fit and healthy and much much more…

Program member Sue doing Tai Chi

Program member Sue, doing Tai Chi

Who are your instructors?

… and what will they do for you?

Robert Agar-Hutton
Robert is the founder and chief instructor of the academy.
As your instructor his main emphasis is to make Tai Chi easy to understand and to give you all the information you need in order to learn and develop Tai Chi skills.
Born in 1953, Robert started Tai Chi in the late 1970s and has been teaching since 1993. His main interests are Tai Chi for health & wellness and Tai Chi for self defence.
Lee Agar-Hutton
Lee has been involved with Tai Chi since the 1990s.
Lee focuses her teaching on ‘doing’, as she believes that it is the actual practice that gives the benefits that we all need.
She has experience of Yang, Sun and Chen styles of Tai Chi as well as previously having spent a number of years practicing Karate. She is a friendly and down-to-earth instructor and is mainly interested in Tai Chi for health and wellness.

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David’s testimonial

Online Tai Chi Training Easily Accessible Anytime

Learning Tai Chi has never been easier. Your online courses are available 24 hours a day, every day. You can practice around a routine that suits you. That can be every day, once a week or whenever you like.

The pre-recorded courses are a complete Tai Chi training program in and of themselves.

Support and advice are just an email away. In fact, often a member’s question results in additional video material being added to a course, so every student can benefit.

You will be delighted by the quantity and depth of the pre-recorded Tai Chi training courses that are available to you in the program – click the ‘Contents’ button below to see the details.

Program member Doris practising Tai Chi

Program member Doris practising Tai Chi

Couple doing Tai Chi
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