You can learn Tai Chi

 Powerful, Easy, Effective

Practical experience and modern scientific research, shows that Tai Chi can help you maintain a healthy body, improve recovery from illness, improve balance and co-ordination, aid peace of mind, and help with reducing stress.

Learn Tai Chi the straight-forward way with an online training program that puts you in complete control of the learning process.

... and it's fun too.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi for you...

Learn the ancient and beautiful...

...arts of Tai Chi (also known as Taiji or Tai Chi Chuan) and Qigong.

Their timeless abilities to help and heal, will aid you in maximising your physical and mental wellness.

You only need this program.

You will receive a complete Tai Chi and Qigong training experience via online pre-recorded courses with (if you want it) direct email access to your instructors Robert and Lee Agar-Hutton. 

Additionally there is an option to attend live Zoom sessions as well. 

Tai Chi combines gentle precise...

...movements that are slow, soft, and relaxing, with specific breathing and techniques to relax and focus the mind. Tai Chi is designed to invigorate you and improve the way you use and move your body.

Tai Chi has the capability to be... 

...used for self-defence by anyone interested in that aspect of the art, and you will be shown that too, but most people practice Tai Chi for Health and Wellness and so that aspect of the art is covered in depth.

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Tricia Dawson
- Tricia Dawson -
"I have found it is easy to fit around a busy lifestyle and it helps me stay fit and flexible."
Chris Welbourne
- Chris Welbourn -
 “Being able to practice at home with instruction is invaluable! Thank you for setting up and producing this amazing resource.”
Linda Watts
- Linda Watts -
   “Graceful, informative, calming but invigorating at the same time.”
Siew-Peng Crevel
- Siew-Peng Crevel -
“I love the idea of using my body to function as a unified unit which is what Tai Chi allows me. It stretches my physical 'me' but does not leave me feeling exhausted.”
Click the button to see how (and if) you can join:
Each month we have a special offer - check it out: