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We limit the overall number of members and also limit the rate at which we allow new members to join. This is so we can ensure that you will get the best possible training and so that we have time to respond to your questions. Obviously, new students (generally) ask more questions and take up more of our support time than 'older' ones.

Here you will see the pricing and below is a form that you can fill out if you would like to be a member. It may be that we can allow you to join immediately, or it may be that there will be a delay. Upon receipt of your enquiry we will let you know the likely timescale for when membership will be available. When it is available we will send you details for the sign-up page.

As soon as you join a program you will have immediate access to all the content (no drip feeding to keep you learning at a pace someone else thinks is right for you, you set your own pace to learn and progress) and as much access via email to us as you need for support or just to satisfy your curiosity about Tai Chi.

By the way, with the monthly subscriptions there is no contract and you can cancel at any time by just sending us an email.

The types of membership are:

Bronze Program:
Two Tai Chi courses, one Qigong course and additional courses - £19.99 per month

Gold Program:
The program includes, eight Tai Chi courses, five Qigong courses, additional courses, recordings of Tai Chi lessons, and more, – £39.99 per month

Gold Program Plus:
All of the Gold Program – One off payment of £899 for ‘lifetime’ access (no further payments).

Platinum Program:
All of the Gold Program plus access to live Zoom sessions – £49.99 per month.
Live session details:
Tuesday & Wednesday
UK: 6:00 pm
USA: Pacific Time: 10:00 am; Mountain Time: 11:00 am; Central Time: 12:00 noon; Eastern Time: 1:00 pm

As a Platinum member you can attend one or two sessions a week or just the occasional session whenever it’s convenient for you.

NOTE: People who are NOT members can buy access to individual Zoom Tai Chi sessions for £5 each (see this booking page) but Bronze, Gold and Gold Plus members can purchase them at specially discounted rates.

If you have any questions about the Tai Chi Program that have not been answered please email 

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Note: Applying does not commit you to joining, it just puts you on the waiting list.