Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect

Tai Chi can (and should) be practiced every day, but it’s very forgiving and if life gets in the way and you don’t practice for a day, a week, a month, or even longer. When you come back to it, Tai Chi will be happy to see you, and you can continue with your practice.

Some people practice every day, I try to, but sometimes don’t. Some people train once or twice a week. Some people train sporadically maybe only an hour or so every month… Tai Chi doesn’t mind. Tai Chi is YOURS and it’s up to you, if you practice a little or a lot.

They say you never forget how to ride a bike. Well, trust me, if you don’t practice your Tai Chi for a while you may well forget bits and get ‘rusty’. But, you know what, it doesn’t matter. Tai Chi is non-judgemental, Tai Chi is absolutely happy to see you again, like a really good old friend. And you simply start doing whatever you can and start progressing again.

Another of the things that makes Tai Chi special is that you can start to practice it at the age of five years old or you can start to practice it at the age of eighty-five years old. If you are fit great, but unfit people and people with mental and physical disabilities can practice it too.

I personally have taught people with physical injuries, physical disabilities, arthritis sufferers, people recovering from stroke, Alzheimer’s, and other neurological conditions and injuries… and the list goes on. Tai Chi can be enjoyed by all and in most cases will have beneficial effects as well.

Now, I will expand on the last sentence by saying that whilst the practice of Tai Chi can reduce the effects of arthritic pain and increase range of motion, it does NOT cure it. Where illnesses like Alzheimer’s are concerned, there is no good evidence that practicing Tai Chi helps with the condition or the prognosis, but it can improve quality of life i.e. No matter what condition you are in, doing something nice will generally be pleasant and good to do.

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