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On a forum that I belong to I asked:
“I’m curious – we have the ability to consider Tai Chi in many different aspects, examples:
Tai Chi for health.
Tai Chi for competition.
Tai Chi for self defence.
Tai Chi as an art/dance form.
What other aspects of Tai Chi are there.”

The answers that I received varied from the sensible to the humorous but included:

● As a return to our natural state.
● To reconnect with Nature.
● For fun and social interaction.
● As a form of distraction from the boredom of Netflix.
● As a cult indoctrination method.
● For spiritual development.
● For awareness.
● Tai chi for tai chi’s sake lol.
● For relaxation.
● For healing not just health!
● For meditation and stress reduction.
● For pleasure (a nice buzz).
● As a means of international diplomacy.
● For self-discipline.

So what is the reason (or are the reasons) that you practice Tai Chi. More importantly, is Tai Chi helping you to reach those goals? If it is, what can you do to deepen and improve your Tai Chi experience and make those goals part of an ongoing series of improvements to your life? If you are not reaching your goals, why? What could you do differently that will make them achievable?

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