Why Now, In The ‘Coronaverse’, Health And Fitness Is At Its Most Important

Tai Chi for health

Let me start by saying that the practice of Tai Chi and Qigong will NOT NOT NOT guarantee that you won’t catch Covid-19 and it won’t even guarantee that you will be more successful at fighting it, if you do catch it.

But, what Tai Chi almost certainly will do, is improve your immune system. Or to be a bit more specific, it will allow your immune system to function nearer to its optimal state than if you don’t practice Tai Chi…

Now, that’s a pretty bold claim and I’ll tell you what, I’ll back it up by referring to a couple of simple facts:

1) Stress (which is something that nearly all of us have to contend with) compromises the immune system and reduces its efficiency.

2) Tai Chi reduces stress.

Thus, the practice of Tai Chi has the effect of boosting your immune system.

I won’t give you links to research, but if you are interested, a quick ‘Google’ should provide access to ample scientific studies to back up both those statements.

Our online Tai Chi health and fitness Membership Site training program is based on the classical Chinese arts of Tai Chi and Qigong. Both of which have a long history of improving and supporting wellness, along with a robust body of scientific research that confirms their efficacy.

After the launch of a trial program in 2019, 2020 saw the release of a sophisticated and upgraded membership system that is capable of supporting thousands of people. Giving them, and you, an anytime and anywhere method of keeping fit and well.

“Tai Chi is an accessible health method that is easy to do and can directly improve both physical health and state of mind. Everyone should give it a go, to reduce stress and stay well.” says Robert Agar-Hutton, Chief Instructor at the Agar-Hutton Tai Chi Academy.

Benefits of joining the Membership Site include:
• No need to leave your home or attend public classes with the risk of infection from others.
• Both live video training and pre-recorded video courses for 24/7 convenience.
• An ongoing and progressive training method to keep you interested and challenged.
• Training that is suitable for adults of any age and almost any initial wellness level.
• Affordable and available Worldwide.
• Requires no extra space or special equipment, so practice easy to do anywhere.

The Membership Site is available starting immediately for only £39.97 per month.

Investing in your health has always been important and worthwhile; nowadays it can potentially be a true ‘life saver’ – why not take action today and give Tai Chi a go.

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